What Advantages Does Acrylic Have?

What Advantages Does Acrylic Have?

Date:May 20, 2020

Acrylic products are constantly improved to replace glass products according to the disadvantages of glass. What are the advantages of acrylic materials? Next, we can briefly introduce some points.

1. High light transmittance

The transmittance of acrylic is very good, the transmittance is over 92%, while the transmittance of ordinary glass is 85%. Therefore, the dyed acrylic process products are crystal clear and beautiful under the sunlight!

2. Excellent insulation

Acrylic has a very excellent insulation effect, which should be achieved in many electronic products.

3. Strong weather resistance

Acrylic is very climate resistant. It won't turn yellow and crumble due to sun exposure, freezing and other reasons. It's very convenient for you to clean.

4. Environmental protection

Acrylic is very environmentally friendly and can be used repeatedly. This kind of material waste recycling, the price is very high!

5. Strong plasticity

Acrylic has a very high freedom of molding, and it can be processed at will to become the type you want very much: because acrylic materials are lighter than ordinary glass materials, and the cutting and processing technology is not complex, acrylic products can basically meet the needs of all walks of life for customized products, such as the common cosmetics display frame, photo frame and other items in our daily life.

6. Strong impact resistance

Acrylic is more than 20 times more resistant than ordinary glass.

7. Strong corrosion resistance

Acrylic has very strong corrosion resistance.

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