What Are The Properties Of Acrylic?

What Are The Properties Of Acrylic?

Date:Oct 31, 2018

As a chemical synthetic product, Acrylic is a durable and flexible material that we can see in many industries. However, many consumer friends don't know much about high-performance acrylic. For their performance advantage, they are asking three questions.

First, the mechanical properties: Acrylic has a good comprehensive mechanical properties, in the forefront of general plastics, whether tensile, bending, compression and other strength properties are higher than polyolefin, PS and other similar products, but its impact toughness Poor, that is to say it is more sensitive, easy to crack under stress, is a hard and brittle plastic, but only relative to itself, this performance is flat compared to similar products. However, the hardness of the acrylic surface is low, it is easy to scratch, and the strength decreases with the increase of the action time, so it is required to be taken care of by consumers.

Second, electrical properties: Acrylic contains a polar methyl ester group, so its own polarity is not too large, with good dielectric and electrical insulation properties. In the high frequency range, the acrylic power decreases with increasing frequency and is suitable for use as an outdoor appliance. It has excellent arc resistance, and even the surface of the acrylic under the high intensity of the arc does not produce carbonized conductive paths and arc track phenomena due to its large surface resistance.

Third, other properties: Acrylic light transmittance is among the best in all types of light transmissive products, can pass most of the ultraviolet light and infrared light, excellent coloring performance, a wide range of overall tones, and due to its electricity It has excellent performance, so it will not cause discoloration and fading under the action of heat, and the surface gloss is good, and it can be made into an ornament of a luminescent pattern. In addition, acrylic has excellent weathering resistance, although its mechanical properties and optical properties decrease slightly with aging time, but its performance is more advantageous in terms of overall products.

The above three points are the performance characteristics of acrylic. Only when we master its basic performance characteristics can we better choose the same kind of products or acrylic finished materials according to our own needs. In today's acrylic products are also very popular in the market, and the scope of application is also extensive, how to choose high-quality acrylic becomes a problem to be solved.

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