What Knowledge Do You Need To Know About Plexiglass In 2019

What Knowledge Do You Need To Know About Plexiglass In 2019

Date:Mar 08, 2019

Believe that no one's home is glass-free, our doors and windows in the home will use glass, our furniture will also use glass, and even some decorative arts and crafts will use glass, glass has been inseparable from our life, but there are many kinds of glass, some glass is opaque, some glass transparency is very good, such as plexiglass, that plexiglass. What is glass? What's the price of plexiglass? Let's know:

Plexiglass can be divided into four types according to its shape:
1. Colored transparent plexiglass: commonly known as color plate, is the most common and used plexiglass material. The light transmission is soft. The light box and handicraft made of it make people feel comfortable and generous. Colored organic glass: transparent colored, translucent colored, opaque colored three kinds. Magneto-plexiglass is not as bright as pearlescent plexiglass. It is brittle and fragile. It is suitable for making dials, boxes, medical instruments and plastic materials for people and animals.
2. Transparent plexiglass: high transparency, suitable lamps and lanterns. The chandelier made of it is exquisite and crystal clear. Semi-transparent plexiglass is similar to frosted glass, with soft reflection. The handicraft made of it makes people feel comfortable and generous.
3. Pearlescent PMMA: It is made by adding pearlescent powder or phosphor to ordinary PMMA. This kind of plexiglass has bright colour and high surface finish. After hot pressing, even after polishing, it still keeps the pattern of moulding and forms the unique artistic effect. It can be used to make figures, animal models, trademarks, decorations and Promotional Exhibition materials.
4. Embossed plexiglass: transparent, translucent and colorless, brittle and fragile. It can be used in interior decoration, such as doors and windows. It has the characteristics of both transparent and impermeable. It is usually used in interior partition or interior doors and windows.

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