What's The Difference Between Acrylic And Ordinary Plastics?

What's The Difference Between Acrylic And Ordinary Plastics?

Date:Dec 11, 2019

Plexiglass products have high transparency, light weight, wear resistance and fall resistance. They are similar to plastic products in appearance. So in daily life, many people don't know what is plexiglass products and what is plastic products. How to distinguish acrylic products and plastic products?

Acrylic is a new type of thermoplastic material. Plastic is a polymer compound with monomer as raw material, commonly known as plastic or resin. The relationship between the two is that acrylic plexiglass is a new type of plastic, but plastic is a general term for all polymer compounds polymerized with monomer as raw material through addition polymerization or polycondensation reaction. There are many kinds of plastics that can change their composition and shape. The plexiglass board has complete specifications, colorful colors, various kinds and easy to process. It can process and customize acrylic plexiglass products of various shapes.

Distinction between plexiglass products and plastic products: first, it depends on the transparency and brightness. The transparency is very high, even more transparent than glass, which is incomparable to plastic. Acrylic plexiglass is also very bright and eye-catching, while the color of plastic products is darker than acrylic plexiglass products.

Second, we should see the smoothness and bright color of acrylic. Under the light, it can have shiny luster and crystal clear. The smoothness of plastic products is poor and rough, and there is no shiny feeling under the light.

Third, there is no cold feeling, but a mild and moist feeling, while plastic products do not have the feeling.


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