What Will Affect To The Abonding Process Of Acrylic Sheets

What Will Affect To The Abonding Process Of Acrylic Sheets

Date:Feb 28, 2019

The bonding process of acrylic sheets is mainly affected by two aspects:

     1. Applicability of the adhesive itself.

     2. The operation of the connection.

     There are a variety of adhesives on the domestic and international markets, mainly two kinds, one is two components, such as universal adhesive, epoxy resin; the other is a single component. Typically, the two-part adhesive is bonded by a curing reaction which is the final volatilization of the solvent to effect adhesion. Two-component adhesives are characterized by good adhesion, no air bubbles after bonding, no whitening and high strength. The disadvantage is that the operation is complicated, the difficulty is high, the curing time is long, the speed is slow, and it is difficult to adapt to mass production. The general one-component adhesives have high-speed properties that meet the process requirements of mass production. The disadvantage is that the bonded product is prone to bubbles, is prone to whitening, and has poor weatherability, thereby directly affecting the exterior of the acrylic product. In terms of aesthetics and product quality

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