Why Acrylic Holder Are More And More Popular

Why Acrylic Holder Are More And More Popular

Date:Feb 26, 2019

These stand up sign holders display contents through clear acrylic. Each frame can be used in homes, bars, retail environments, tradeshows, and many other locations. These stand up sign holders that are 5” x 7” have the ability to present drink specials, family photos, brochures, sales, store information and much more. Each of these picture frames, stand up sign holders, can be used in a variety of locations to hold many different kinds of materials. This enclosure sits upright on tabletops due to its t-shaped construction. These t-shaped stand up sign holders feature a design that further contributes to the frame’s versatility of use. Each unit is equipped with a rectangular base that holds up the acrylic frame. These 5x7 stand up sign holders have two 3mm thick acrylic panels that are held together by small magnets. To put a photograph or other image in the frame, simply move apart these two sides and place the picture inside.

These stand up sign holders that hold photos are used in portrait orientation only. Any material that measures 5” by 7” or smaller may be used with this enclosure. These stand up sign holders, also known as photo frames, feature a base that is 10mm tall and 50mm wide. This base allows the stand to be steady when standing upright. These stand up sign holders that have a t-shaped base are ideal for holding photos and other materials in a variety of public and private locations.

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