Why Are Acrylic Flower Boxes Rather Than Bouquets Popular Now?

Why Are Acrylic Flower Boxes Rather Than Bouquets Popular Now?

Date:Apr 12, 2020

       Now, most of the flowers and bouquets in the florist's shop still use the old style, which is not new and ugly. Young people can't accept it. They like new things and new ideas.

Everyone likes to look different.When others are still a flower, you send a bouquet, tall up!When others are still a bunch of flowers, you send the acrylic flower box, tall!As long as it is different from others and not negative, people will always be happy to accept it.

       From the perspective of consumers, the pursuit of buying flowers is a kind of spiritual satisfaction. For those who love flowers, the acrylic flower box and bouquet are the same when they are disassembled, and they are ultimately placed in a vase. However, at the moment when they receive flowers, their feelings are totally different.

       The bouquet is completely visible. When the florist delivers the flowers, he directly hands the bouquet to the receiver. Except for the surprise when he just received the flowers, the receiver is basically finished. But the acrylic flower box is different. In addition to the surprise of receiving the gift at first, the flower receiver needs to open it layer by layer, with more expectation in it.

       Sometimes the choice of the outer package may attract more attention of consumers than the product itself. The acrylic flower box gives a feeling of being tall. Otherwise, why should the diamond ring be packed in such a tall box? You need to go to the place where the gift package is made when you buy a gift for your girlfriend. That's the reason.

       Chinese Valentine's day and other holidays are the main sources of tourists in flower shops. Bouquets and gift boxes are prepared in advance. The flower bouquet is short of water conservation, and the fresh-keeping time is short, while the flower box is moistened with flower mud, and the fresh-keeping time is longer, so it is not easy to fall off.

       The acrylic flower box has more advantages than the bouquet. When others send a flower, you send the bouquet; when others send the bouquet, you send the acrylic flower box, and your advantages will be obvious.

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