Why Had Acrylic Display Product Been So Popular?

Why Had Acrylic Display Product Been So Popular?

Date:Jul 26, 2019

1. Acrylic has high plasticity. It is much easier to be molded to different sharps than other materials. The sharp can be diversified. The appearance of acrylic is very beautiful and fashionable. Acrylic provide a new way for personalized design. We can make different kinds of acrylic displays which are suitable for different products.

2. Acrylic display is more environmentally friendly than wooden display. Acrylic can be recyclable and re-sharped.

3. Acrylic sheets have many colors for your reference. And acrylic itself is easy to be colored. It can be printed with different kinds of pattern or logo. Comparing with clear acrylic display, sometimes colored acrylic display can display the product in a better way.

4. Acrylic has a lower density than glass. It has only half the weight of glass. An accompanying advantage is that acrylic product is much lighter and shatter resistant.

5. The MOQ is relatively lower than other plastic products. Acrylic display is generally glued by sheets, so it can provide a minor MOQ and won`t need an expensive mould charge.

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